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Unlock the hidden benefits: 5 reasons to keep banana peels

According to Statista, we eat an average of 11 to 12 kg of bananas a year. A lot of banana peels are left over ! They usually end up in the trash. You can make many useful things out of it. We’ve put together 5 uses for banana peels for you.

Banana peels: 5 things you can use them for
Do you think banana peels belong in rubbish? You’d be wrong about that. After all, the yellow peel of the exotic fruit is rich in nutrients . That’s why it’s still consumed when the fruit is already eaten.

Here are five things you can use banana peels for:

1. Skin care
Banana peels for facial care? What at first seems like something to get used to is a real beauty secret: the starch it contains can clear clogged pores and thus prevent pimples and blackheads. What should you do for it? Rub the inside of the peel into clean, dry skin. Allow the natural active ingredients to work overnight and wash your face thoroughly the next day. In about 2 weeks you should notice the first improvements.You can also apply the banana peel on your face as a nourishing mask and leave it on for a while. Banana peels can also be used to treat insect bites. Place the inside of a bowl on the affected area.
Did you know that you can supposedly remove warts with banana peel enzymes? You can do this by placing a piece of peel on the wart and securing it with a plaster overnight. In a few weeks the wart will disappear.

2. Plant fertilizer
Chemical fertilisers pollute the environment and cost a lot of money. You can also use banana peels. If you want to fertilize the plants in your garden, cut the banana peels into small pieces and let them dry. Then mix them gently into the roots. If you want to fertilise your houseplants, you can enrich the irrigation water with nutrients from the banana peel. Put them in a container and fill with water. Wait a few hours and then water the plants with it.You can also put banana peels directly into the soil. After a few weeks they will decompose and release nutrients. Rich soil can be used for pot plants.
Useful to know: With banana peels, you also keep aphids away from your plants. Simply cut into pieces and spread on the ground.

3. Polishing agent
Banana peels are also good for taking care of sensitive materials like leather . Simply wipe the inside of the bowl over the material and polish off with a dry cloth. Stainless steel and silver can also be polished with a banana peel.

4. Dental care
Would you like to have brighter teeth but are afraid of chemical whitening? Simply rub the inside of the banana peel into your teeth regularly and use it to gently whiten your teeth . In just a few weeks, you’ll see the first results.

5. Eating
Banana peels contain valuable minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron. You can eat not only the fruit itself but also the peel – as long as it is organic and not treated with pesticides. Banana peels taste better if chopped in a blender and mixed with a smoothie or banana milk. This makes the blended drink not only particularly creamy but also more nutritious.

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Last modified: June 7, 2023